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Kupapa - Nga Iwi Piri Pono - The Loyal Iwi

With the benefit of the 2013 New Zealand History Research Trust Fund provided by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, Ron Crosby is currently researching and writing this new title. 

'Kupapa' is a term in the Maori language which has transformed in the last quarter of a century from meaning 'loyalty to the Crown' to a term recently defined as a 'traitor' by a prominent Maori dictionary.

This book will canvas the development of the Crown relying upon Maori allies; the reasons for that occurring; the consistency of Maori loyalty in the first half of the twentieth century; the nature of the response over time by the Crown to that loyalty; and the reasons why the recent meaning has developed.

Ron is a very grateful recipient of the major Award provided by the New Zealand History Research Trust Fund, as it will enable thorough research and a high quality production of this new title.

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