THE FORGOTTEN WARS is an account of the era from about 1818 to 1845 when the effects of the musket impacted in devastating form throughout Aotearoa. Every part of the country was affected at some time or other by powerful, wide-ranging musket- armed taua (war parties). In addition to the heavy casualties inflicted by the musket, widespread temporary and permanent migrations and depopulation occurred.

‘With the arrival of muskets en masse, suddenly one side had unstoppable power.The possession of that power enabled taua to be far more wide-reaching, and far moredevastating in their impacts.’

The Forgotten Wars is an engaging account of New Zealand history. Drawing on his seminal The Musket Wars, this concise work breaks the wars down by region and tribe, with stunningly detailed maps and illustrations that will help to ensure these epochal conflicts are no longer forgotten.  This book has been written not only as a Teaching Resource for use in schools, but as an account of  New Zealands history to be enjoyed by all.


'The Musket Wars must rate as one of the most accessible and well presented treatments of New Zealand history currently available.' Sir Tipene O'Regan, Dominion

'One of the must-reads of 1999.' Iain Sharp, Sunday Star-Times

''A necessary addition to all collections of New Zealand history.' Diana Masters, Waikato Daily Times

''Crosby's book is both intriguing and absorbing to the point of brilliance and gives new insights into both the ability of the Maori to adapt quickly and their impressive skills of innovation.' Jim Hunter, The Southland Times

''It represents an important compilation of material about a crucial period of New Zealand history which is often overlooked, yet which is of huge importance to Treaty of Waitangi claims.' Jim Eagles, Hawke's Bay Today


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Albaneta Lost Opportunity at Cassino

This 172 page book, with two colour sections, many maps and contemporary photographs, relates the tale of a little known attack in Italy during World War 2 by 15 Kiwi tanks of C Squadron, 20th Armoured Regiment. The men of this South Island squadron achieved initial success beyond expectations in the mountains behind the Monastery at Cassino. The book recounts that success at Albaneta, and the causes of a sadly wasted opportunity which had the potential to avoid many of the later infantry losses

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